Shake It Up!


There are a million and one ways out there for you to get in shape, be healthier and live better, but it is never easy to know where to start.  Whether you are after a toned body or better energy levels a small change that can be made to your daily diet is what you drink.

Start Small and Easy


Diets and fads are not a healthy way to live, you need to make lifestyle changes and understand what you are eating and drinking.  To have a healthy diet you need to ensure that your meals are balanced, balanced proportions of proteins, good fats and carbohydrates.  

Protein is good for you, it lets you have healthy hair, nails and skin, as well as leaving you feeling fuller for longer.  It gives you more energy and therefore makes you feel better!

So where can you get protein?  Well, protein is in meat and fish, so you probably already eat a bit, unless you are a vegetarian.  An easy way is to make sure you have protein in your diet though, is to drink protein shakes.  They are easy to make and quick, taste delicious and fill you up! 



image034Protein Shake Low Down

There are many shakes out there on the market and we took some time to try one of them, Forza LipoWhey.  They are packed with flavour and lots of goodness, including amino acids Glutamine ad BCAA.  That is not all though, because Forza have employed the incredible benefits of plant sterols.  They work much like cholesterol, in fact they mimic it in such a way that it actually reduces the amount of cholesterol in your body.  A bit like a defender on a football field, if the plant sterols are the attackers.  


How Do They Taste?

LipoWhey has been created as an instant powder, meaning it can be easily mixed, so no gritty bits!  It also comes in four incredible flavours – chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla – we LOVE the chocolate one, lip licking good! 

It is really easy to grab to grab some too as it is available in your nearest Boots store, RRP £39.99.

Not just a shake?

Of course we wouldn’t just leave you without sharing a few delicious recipes that the kind people over at Forza LipoWhey have shared with us, so grab your shake and turn it into a morning cocktails of goodness and nourishment! 








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