Shark Week on Discovery Channel


Shark Week is one of television’s most anticipated events; every summer, the Discovery Channel dedicates one whole week to the wondrous creatures that are sharks.

ANDERSON-SHARK 07This year, Shark Week started on Sunday 10th August until Saturday 16th August and will be featuring shows such as ‘SHARKPOCALYPSE’, ‘GREAT WHITE SERIAL KILLER’ and ‘HITLER THE HAMMERHEAD’. The documentaries and shows that are to be aired over the week cover all different types of sharks from the Great White, to Hammerheads and the more endangered Whitetip sharks. Even if you’re not a great shark lover, you can’t deny that these creatures are fascinating and Shark Week will have you hooked. It’s going to be absolutely Jaws-ome, so make sure you tune in!

To mark Shark Week, members of the public in London’s Finsbury Park’s boating lake were victim to a genius but totally terrifying prank when what appeared to be the fin of a Great White was seen to be slicing its way through the waters towards their rowing boats. To see the amusing reactions of the poor unsuspecting victims of this prank, you must make sure you watch the video below.



Don’t forget to tune in to Shark Week on Discovery Channel now if you’re a fan of sharks or if you simply just want to learn more about them.

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