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Alt-Pop 5 piece Shields have released their album – “How Can We Fixed This?”  Interested in a different sound? Read On….



Shields are shaped by their diverse artists whose music they might of not been heard of by traditional means. Music is to be listened to be it mainstream or not and Shields aim to present their unique sound.


Shields Powder Shot


Album – “How Can We Fixed This?”  

Expect Lucid Pop with a excitable alternative ideas of rhythm.   It has that beautiful presented vibe with that variety of tracks to make a great album.


Highlight Tracks

 Alive – The Single released earlier in the year set the tone great. It emphasizes on the “pop” but also on the alternative vibes of the band. It feels very Futureheads to us – in style choices (in a good way).

Technicolour – Amped up drum beat and full of rhythm.  

Mezzanine –  Good change in setup with different opening instrument choice.  Varied output is needed in a great all-around album.


Overall Thoughts

There is plenty more tracks to hit up but we will leave the rest to your ears.  Surprises a plenty.  Good solid album with a few surprises along the way.



4 out of 5

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