We are big gamers at Erisea and we play a vast amount of different genres between us – some like FPS, some RPGs and others like sports games.  There are a few who are obsessed with retro games and then others who like a god platform game and today that is what we are bringing you, Shiftlings.

Shiftlings Screen 4Sierra bring us Shiftlings, a physics based platformer that will have you scratching your head to solve the levels, laughing and will give you a wonderful sense of achievement when you complete obstacles around you.    

This isn’t a usual straight forward platformer though and it isn’t the general set in space game you might think.  The humour is crude, a little suggestive and wonderfully adult in parts.


Shiftlings is a TV game show come reality show, hosted by a rather dashing alien who is humourous and who narrates the episodes.  But what are we watching?

Shiftlings Screen 3Take control of two, somewhat dim, Shiftlings who are being watched by a galaxy as they attempt to work their way through each level.  Unfortunately, one of our extraterrestrial engineers gets thirsty and steals himself a bottle of pop, this results in him – and there is no polite way to say this – passing gas (?).  Instantly his suit becomes inflated and his poor co-worker, who is attached to him via a hose, now has to suffer the embarrassing, and (we are guessing) rather gross experience of deflating his mate, which inflates his own suit.  

Hilarious gas swapping is how our little Shiftlings are able to manoeuvre across each level and travel through the galaxy providing entertainment and giggles for their millions of viewers and with over 50 stages for the to overcome, it is likely to keep the entertained for some time.  



Shiftlings is now available for $14.99 on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation®Network and Windows PC. It will be available for the same price on March 4 for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, through the Xbox Games Store. This game is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB.

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