Short Positive Thought – Work Life Balance


It bugs most people but finding that positive balance of “Work” and the rest of “Life” itself.



Work is work. Everyone who can do it does – but do you bring balance to it. 

Do you work 9-5 Monday to Friday or shift pattern?  It should not matter to the 9-5 people as they can have set days off. However the shift pattern people have more to work on to find that balance.

Do you have to work overtime? Overtime is a blur but do you think of where that money goes.  Think positive, you may want to save up for the holiday – so think positive.  However many days until vacation.


Time flies when you having fun.  Spend time with friends and family where possible, but do not forget about alone time.  What you do with your alone time is your choice but taking a break from it all is needed at least once a week.


Always look to tip the scales in your favour, bring positive thought to the balance.

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