Silicon Valley – Season 1


In the 1980s Mike Judge (Idiocracy and Office Space) worked in Silicon Valley as an engineer.  His time working amongst the tech giants of the 80s has inspired the pure genius that is HBO’s Silicon Valley, a hilarious modern-day look at the trials and tribulations of one computer programmer.

Richard, played by Thomas Middleditch (from The Wolf of Wall Street), is an awkward programmer who wants to make an impact in the world of computers, but he is far from realising his dreams living in a ‘Hacker Hostel’ with his friends – Gilfoyle, a slightly sex and Satan obsessed member of the team played by Martin Starr (This is the End), Dinesh, wants to get the girl, any girl is played by Kumail Nanjiani (Sex Tape) and Big Head, so named for his seemingly big head, is played by Josh Brener (The Internship).  The self-appointed and unwanted leader of this band of coders is Elrich.  Elrich hit is big in the dotcom boom and allows his friend to stay with him at his house, so long as he gets a stake in their business ventures of 10%.  

762884_1926952_2560x3840When Richard, who feels trapped in a part-time job at Hooli – one of the tech giants, suddenly realises that the compression algorithm on his website Pied Piper is what the tech industry is craving, he finds himself in the midst of a bidding war.  On the one hand is the respected and independent billionaire Peter Gregory played by Christopher Evan Welch (The Master), he offers Richard a huge sum of money for a 10% stake in Pied Piper.  On the other hand is Hooli founder, owner and somewhat ridiculous tech guru Gavin Belson (Matt Ross from American Horror Story).  Gavin stuns Richard with the most incredible sum of money, but is Richard ready to sell?

The talented cast brings a hysterical and engaging comedy to life.  How will Richard and the team cope with the decision at hand?  You’ll have to watch to find out, but it will be a journey filled with comedic genius that is unique and refreshing.

  • Release date:           23rd MARCH, 2015
  • Discs:                           2
  • Episodes:                   8
  • Price:                           BD: £30.63 / DVD: £25.52
  • Genre:                        Comedy


  • DVD
    • Hacker Hostel Tour 
    • Tech Crunch: Disrupt 
    • The Making of Silicon Valley 
    • 8 Audio Commentaries
    • Episode Previews


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