A simple equation: Sunshine = Barbecue



We all know that the first glint of British summer sunshine means it’s barbecue time in the UK. So we all flock to the supermarket to stock up on sausages, burgers and baps, along with a bag of mixed salad so we can at least pretend to ourselves that we are going to have a healthy meal. Then we realise we don’t have any charcoal, so it’s a trip out of the house again in the direction of the local garage or back to the supermarket for a couple of bags of charcoal, firelighters, matches … and a few more sausages for luck.

We go down to the end of the garden and open up the barbecue and … horrors … shamefully we forget to clean it last time we used it (last summer, when there was that glorious weekend of sunshine which left the British isles as quickly as it arrived), and we also forgot to cover it properly over the winter, so it’s filled with watery grey sludge and is home to a family of snails.

We mutter curses under our breath about our better half. It was definitely their job to clean the barbecue and protect it with the expensive cover we bought from the garden centre especially for this purpose. We weigh up whether it is actually worth the bother of cleaning the revolting mess inside the barbecue, or if we just need to get back to the shops and buy ourselves a new one and consider this a lesson learnt (didn’t we promise not to do this again after last year?).

When we do, inevitably, decide that life is too short and the purchase of a new barbecue is our most sensible option (for our sanity if nothing else), then it’s worth doing some research and investing in a barbecue which will actually be cared for, instead of one which will be treated like an annually disposable garden feature.

201800GWeber barbecues not only look rather lovely, but there are a range of options to suit most budgets. The Weber One Touch kettle barbecue (£175) has an easy cleaning system which means the messy charcoal aftermath will be sorted out before the British summertime ends (ie tomorrow!), and the Weber Summit Gas Grill (£2,799) offers more functionality than might be found in the average kitchen, including six gas burners, a rotisserie and searing station for cooking the perfect steak!

Weber’s full range of barbecues are available online and from garden centres. Cornish-based barbecue fans can order online from Trelawney garden centre at http://shop.trelawney.co.uk


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