Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

A new generation of speaker has now docked, the Majority Titan Speaker Dock.  A multi tasking docking speaker that looks incredible and does everything you need and more including Bluetooth function, radio and an alarm clock.
The sleek and stylish Majority Titan will look right at home no matter where you put it in your house.  Its smooth edges and polished metal surface looks elegant and contemporary.  The docking functionality allows you to use Apple devices, but the Bluetooth capability allows for you to dock your phone without actually placing it on the device.  This means that you can use it with Android phones and tablets also, to wirelessly stream music or maybe even an audio book! Of course if you are using an, iPad, iPad or iPhone, placing the device directly onto the Titan means that you are able to charge up without all of those pesky cables, not only that but you can recharge and stream at the same time.
4v2The Majority Titan is more than just a way to charge your phone, it is also an alarm clock that enables you to wake up using the buzzer, FM radio or a song from your own collection, you can press the snooze button too if you need an extra few minutes in bed and the time is displayed on an LCD screen that can be dimmed to suit your personal taste.
The HD sound and 25 watt speaker system give you clear, crisp and bright sounds day after day.  It even comes with a remote so that you can use all of the incredible functions without needing to get out of bed, jump up from the sofa, or whilst you are dancing away to your favourite anthem. 
Stream any music service from your phone or tablet, or maybe you would like to connect via the bluetooth and access the music library on your PC wirelessly.
3v2Available for just £49.95 from, it is the perfect addition to your home, letting you enjoy the music you love without any compromise.

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