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Once upon a time, young girls would have been sent for elocution lessons and be taught to hold themselves correctly.  In fact it was very important for young girls to have the correct posture.  Today it seems something we think less about as we go from day today.  Of course parents will tell their children to sit up straight and put their shoulders back, but how many of us actually do it once we grow up and become adults ourselves?  

In an age of technology where we are al sat at desks, typing on computers or playing games consoles and looking at our phones, it is easy to see how posture can get forgotten.  It is important for our health though, many back problems can be born out of bad posture, ones that need correcting with long drawn out physiotherapy and so on.  We can try our best to remember to push our shoulders back and stand tall with our heads up, but once we are distracted and getting on with our days, the urge to slouch will creep in without us even knowing.

Help is at hand though in the form of Lumo Lift, the posture coach.  Don’t worry, ordering one of these wont have some strange man turn up at your front door to start screaming at you to stand up straight, no, instead you will receive a nifty piece of technology that you actually wear.

Courtesy of Lumo Body Tech

Courtesy of Lumo Body Tech

The Lumo Lift itself is a tiny little oblong shaped device that discreetly clips onto your clothing using magnets. Through the use of pressing the button you can align the sensor, start or end a coaching session and check the battery level.  The LL ‘talks’ to the use through buzzes, 1 indicated the start of a session, 2 buzzes are for the end of a coaching period and finally three tells you that the sensor is aligned.

Once you have the device clipped to your clothing, you align it to the posture you wish to keep by pressing and holding the button.  Once it vibrates three times, you know it is correctly aligned and can go about your day.  How does that help you?  Well, every time you slouch your Lumo Lift will vibrate to let you know, so you can correct your posture.  

Courtesy of Lumo Body Tech

Courtesy of Lumo Body Tech

Compatible with a number of iOS anAndroid devices, the Lumo Lift not only helps you with your posture, but tracks how many steps you have taken, the distance you have travelled and calories you have burned, logging all of the details and your progress within the app.

Once charged the device can last up to five days before needing to be plugged in again and that is really simple.  With the LL you receive a USB charger that the Lumo Lift magnetically attaches itself to.  A normal charge will take around 2 hours.

To find out more or where you can pick up your very own Lumo Lift, check out Lumo Body Tech’s website.


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