Skylanders Superchargers


Are you a Portal Master?  Do you know one?  If so get ready for the ride of your life as Skylanders move into high octane action with their brand new vehicles in Skylanders SuperChargers!

 If you have never played Skylanders before, you have seriously been missing out!  This revolutionary technology changed the face of gaming for the better, allowing gamers to take the real world into their virtual reality.  How does it work?  Using a portal that plugs into your console you can magically add Skylanders characters, and now their characters, by placing them on the portal.  

SSC_MP Land Racing 2Superchargers brings with it, not just the innovative technology making gaming even more interactive, but now includes racing and an online multiplayer!  If you are playing on Nintendo, then you can even get exclusive Donkey Kong and Bowser to play with as they guest star in the franchise.

Taking a wild and exciting ride, players are able to traverse mountains, valleys and crazy roads, fly through the sky and move across the seas with the all new vehicles.  Specialised racetracks and sections of levels are specific to certain vehicles, adding a whole new dimension to the game play.  This is game play that extends into the gamer’s world as the pieces double as toys, so the game never has to stop.

You take charge of the battle against Kaos, helping the Skylanders defeat this formidable foe through countless adventures.  Magical lands await exploration and the eradication of Kaos’s army as you travel through the engaging story line.  The chapters of the story contain platforming adventures where your character tackles to world on foot ,  featuring combat with enemies, mini games, puzzles and of course lots of racing.  

SSC_XOne_Drk_Contents_FINAL_HiResThere are a fantastic twenty new characters to play with and twenty all new vehicles.  Your Skylandeers Superchargers Starter Pack contains everything you need to start your journey to take down Kaos, two characters, a vehicle, the Portal of Power™ and of course the game itself.  Right out of the box you can leave a trail of dust in your wake as you put your peddle to the metal and take on Racing Mode.  Power ups, obstacles, enemies and boosts await you in this mode that in itself is a game that will have you glued to your control pad for hours.

We sat down and played Skylanders Superchargers, it is fantastic!  We had so much fun racing, battling bosses and discovering the secrets of each level.  There is an endless amount of game play here, hours of fun that you can enjoy alone, with friends or online.


5 out of 5


 Skylanders SuperChargers will be available for the PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment systems, Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, and Nintendo’s Wii Usystem.  The game is compatible with all of the 300+ toys already released from previous editions of Skylanders games!  Perfect for Christmas gifts this year, with a few characters to stuff those stockings! 



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