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Out Now on DVD – A romance film that flirts allot with the “sex talk”.  Interested? Read On….



Starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie, this not play by numbers romance film – shows how people can reconnect in different ways if they catch up in later life.

Jake and Lainey (Sudeikis and Brie) lose their virginity to each other in college, in this random night of chance they connect on an emotional level. Lainey was not supposed to go to Jake’s room but chances happen.

12 years later, they catch up in sex addicts class where the bond over their commitment issues. They form a non-sexual friendship to help each other get to that stage of been the healthy romantic.



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Story Thoughts

Both main characters having different issues steming from the first time they meet was interesting to see it.  While Sudeikis does not look like the teenage version of his character, it was well acted for the viewer to get over that fact.  Brie meanwhile is at the point where playing different version of that character worked well.

This is a good romance film for couples, but not for a movie to watch with the family. Lots and lots of sex talk and quite a few sex scenes.  It’s weird to say but it works well.  The sex scenes are downplayed in some cases and are down right weird in some cases, but shows off in the movie what that character is feeling at that point.



With each of the main character’s friends seeing their behaviour change before the character does – it plays on the “Will they? Won’t they?” dynamic well.  Great ending – but we won’t ruin that part.


A good movie that barring the first 20 minutes of story setup – will keep your attention.  The ways it tries not to play by the rulebook is great to see, seeing characters change and develop into people is not often show in the right way. 

Its a film that pulls no sub-text romance punches going straight to the sex talk, but misses a few times here and there. 

Would we watch it again?  Yes. Its a film that’s a grower and we will likely come back to it for a few more viewings.

So this film gets a solid 4/5 from us.


4 out of 5


Sleeping With Other People is available now to own on DVD

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