Sliced or Diced?


Everyone has a knife or two in the kitchen and they are utensils we use every single day for most of our food preparation needs, but how well do you know the proper names for the type of cuts that are made when making your dinner?

Do you know your slices from your dices?

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You can not chop, dice or julienne without a decent knife though and the more we thought about it, the most we decided that not only do we use them every day, most of the time the knives are on display in our kitchens for easy access.  Whilst we can go for an simple option that will get the job done, the standard black handles, stainless steel knives we see in most shops, we thought it would be interesting to have a little fun with our kitchenware.

Taylor’s Eye Witness

LE8706 TEW Dexerity Fan BlockFounded by John Taylor in 1838, it would be an easy assumption to make that Taylor’s Eye Witness products would be of the standard, basic design, in keeping with the values and times of the day.  Whilst the quality and experience of John’s work has stood the test of time, the company has not been afraid to experiment and update the look of kitchenware, for innovative and exciting items in the kitchen.

Bright, vibrant and displayed in an incredible clear perspex fan stand, Taylor’s Eye Witness Dexterity Series 5 Piece Knife Set is one for the modern kitchen and quite literally at the cutting edge (sorry) of the slicing and dicing tools.  The contemporary design does not come at the cost of the versatility of the knives themselves.

The dexterity grips allows for a comfortable and firm grip that improves the control you have over the knives when in use.  Each of the five utensils also have a finger guard that helps to protect the fingers by keeping them away from the sharp edge and the extension of the bridge at the top of the knife again increases control and comfort.

The blade is high quality hollow ground stainless steel.  The process used to create the edge means that it is not just super sharp, but that it will be difficult to blunt the knives.  Should this occur however, this same process makes for easy sharpening!

This set contains an 8″/20cm Cook’s Knife, Bread Knife and Carving knife, along with a 5″/12cm All Purpose Knife and 4″/10cm Paring Knife.

The company doesn’t just focus on the conventional knife though and we wanted to share with you something that we know would be perfect for those dashing dinner parties you all love to throw, or maybe even for, dare we mention it, Christmas.

The Slate Cheese Board & Knife Set

In keeping with the funky, modern design of the Dexterity 5 Piece Set above, The Slate Cheese Board & Knife Set is brightly coloured and has a flavour of artistic licence in the style of the blades.  Inclusive of a Parmesan Knife, Hard Cheese Knife, Cheese Fork and Soft Cheese Knife, along with the stunning slate board, gives everything needed to dine on dairy in decadence!

Coloured Slate Cheese Board


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