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Its the season of strappy dresses, sandals and SPF. But as well as keeping cool in the sun we still want to smell great from dusk till dawn too.

There is a multitude of familiar Brand name fragrances we know and love, you only need to turn the page of a glossy fashion magazine and a beautiful advertisement will be clear to see. However Fragrance is not limited to Eau de perfume and the sprays we carry in our handbags, and there is a world beyond the big names.

There is something to be said for knowing you smell just that little bit different to every woman you pass by on the street, beautifully fragranced but not the same.


Yeshen Venema PhotographyBody Oil

Summer can be hot and sticky and you may wish to stay away from a traditional spray.

A fragranced body oil applied in the morning after a shower can provide you with a subtle day long fragrance, whilst locking moisture in.

Aqua-Oleum Oriental Spice With yang eland and patchouli is a rich and oriental-spicy fragrance, that apparently contains known aphrodisiacs!

It smells soothing yet spiced and the scent is delicate, it leaves the skin smooth and soft.

A great choice if subtle is more your style.

It won’t break the bank at £7.75 for 100ml from www.aqua-oleum.co.uk



Iris PrimaFrom a fabulous British Fragrance house Called Penhaligon’s we have Iris Prima.

A unique Partnership with the English National Ballet, to capture the essence of Ballet. In reality what you are getting is a magically unique scent. This is not something you will walk around town smelling every other woman wearing. This is the kind of fragrance that stamps you as an individual.

It is as they state “effortlessly Elegant” with bergamot, citrus, green amber, sparkling black pepper and of course the obvious notes of iris absolute. It’s then Founded with further heart notes of jasmine sambac, hedione and paradisone. Through to Base notes of Leather, Vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and benzoin.

Don’t think of old fashioned overly flowery iris perfumes, think of light and modern with many beautiful notes. Its something that translates beautifully on the skin not changing notes as it settles. Its about a subtle feminine fragrances that sets you apart.

Its available direct on penhaligan’s online shop www.penhaligons.com with the 50ml Eau de Parfum at £85 and the 100ml at £120. It’s also available in their boutiques.




A great fragranced lotion can deliver long lasting scent if you make the right choice.

Cuccio make a range called Lytes that are ultra sheer body butters available in great pump dispensers, used lovingly by the beauty trade for manicures and pedicures, these gorgeous quick absorbers can be used all over the body.

Why have we included them here? well they come in a great range of fragrances. Among the favourites, Tuscan citrus & White tea, Guava & Mangosteen and Honey & Soy milk.

So you get the benefit of great fresh soft and silky skin and the beautiful long lasting smell these lyte lotions bring. In the hot weather a welcome alternative to spray perfumes.

www.cuccio.co.uk Price £7.00



Body Spray

Don’t have a large budget to blow or you just want something quick to spray on for wearing in the day. Then there’s the daughter that’s spraying through your premium perfume like its deodorant the minute she can sneak in your bedroom.

Impulse with an RRP of just £1.99 and readily available in most supermarkets and high street chemist chains.

Their first oriental scent Be Surprised is an exotic mix of violets and red fruits. Its a light and surprisingly appealing smell which is probably why it has prompted the name “Be Surprised”

Its been designed by internationally renowned fragrance experts including the nose of Dior and Calvin Klein. So don’t feel that because you have had to go for low priced that you have had to move down market.

There are now 12 fragrances to chose from in the collection so if violets and red fruits are not your style, you are sure to find an alternative to suit.







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