Smile and the world smiles with you…

The best feature that anyone has is their smile.  A smile can give you the confidence you need to get through a big interview or meeting, form new friendships or even just help to get you through the day.  Try it now, smile, it lifts your mood and puts a positive spin on the world around you.   It is a contagious expression, when you smile the people you smile at return the smile.
It makes sense that you should look after your smile which means good oral health.  Louise Thomson from the hit Relty show, Made In Chelsea, has teamed up with DenTek, oral health experts to help promote just this, confidence through smiling.
“A smile transcends any nationality and culture and is one of the most universally understood gestures.  It’s the best ice-breaker and the ultimate accessory – what’s more it’s free!”
flosspick_case_hiLouise discovered DenTek a few years ago after her Mum had suggested flossing, now the process is part of Louise’s daily routine, ensuring her beautiful smile.  When asked what one item Louise always made sure to have with her when filming, she replied:

“As you probably know from MIC, I’m often filmed in restaurants, mostly with friends but also when I’m introduced to new people so I’m really conscious of what I eat and drink. I always carry DenTek’s handy floss picks and case – which are in a really cool pack) so I can floss after I eat and freshen up. I try to avoid too much coffee or red wine so my teeth don’t get stained, but if I do indulge then flossing can certainly help with this!”

With DenTek being a leader in the field of oral care, it is no surprise that Louise picked them to keep her teeth in tip top condition.  DenTek do a full range of products to help keep your mouth fresh and clean including floss, floss picks, inter dental brush cleaners, dental guards and even go as far to provide help for braces care and dental repair in general.


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