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A Mashup of Genre Album that brings something different to the table… Read on.


Josh Dolgin aka Socalled is a musician based in Montreal Canada. He operates within the realm of where styles collide. He takes influences from Hip Hop, Jazz attitude and Yiddish folk-melodies.

He has been making records and touring for years and has worked with Chilly Gonzales, Mocky, Fred Wesley, Matisyahu and Killah Priest. “Peoplewatching” is his fifth album.




SOCALLED - Peoplewatching a_w webres

Peoplewatching is a album mixed by “knob twidder” Renaud Letang. Its core is how it crossbreeds different styles to create a unique sound.  In the album, expect elements of soul, rigodon, cabaret, jazz-fusion, lezmer and electro with a pop core.

Its not just genres, it looks into cultures too. It looks into the rich musical past of Eastern European cultures.

“it combines voices, rhythms, melodies, languages, grooves and technologies and translates the euphoria of being both part of the mix and one of the gang.”
Socalled is joined by his regular crew based in Montreal for the album but expect a slew of unique superstar voices and musicians in their  own rights.
These include:
  • Dancehall legend Josey Wales
  • Parliament-Funadelic musician Fred Wesley
  • Quebecois folk god Yves Lambert
  • Punjabi Singer Kamal Chamkila
  • Jazz Great Oliver Jones
  • DJ Rob Swift
  • DJ Mista Sinista


Our Thoughts

Weirdly good. Its not the traditional style that seen in the top 40s but its weirdly good. 

It mashes up lots of styles and shows off its uniqueness on its sleeve. Great to listen to and it takes the listener on a different music journey each song.


Highlight Songs

Peoplewatching – A proverbal mashup with a retro feel to it.

Booty Call – Steel Drums? A carribean feel song. Brought a smile to our faces of how it changed pace at the midpoint.

Dreaming – Raps with a piano beat? Weirdly hidden retro easter egg filled lyrics.

The Season – Lyrical madness.



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