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Socialites are a wide range of products that can be described as “alternatives to smoking.”

The website offers a very comprehensive range of products that covers pretty much everything in this area. They have everything from disposables to kits. The liquids and cartomizer refills come in a variety of strengths from high right down to zero nicotine content.

From a personal point of view I have tried this type of product before in various forms with very limited success. I smoke, its unfortunately a vice that seems to have a powerful grip on me I can’t seem to shake. If your a smoker you will probably relate to the pattern I have fell into. I have quit a few times only after a few successful months of no smoking to have a awful day and find myself with a cigarette back in my hand.


I have to say I have had two of the socialites products to try, the disposable version and the electric cigarette that works with the cartomizer refills. Previously I have not liked this type of product. I’ve been put off by the taste and seems to have a funny taste after using them. The Socialites however I found I got on with much better. Both of the products I had in Cool Menthol and high strength nicotine, I found the taste realistic and no after taste.

The disposable comes as a neatly packaged single and equates to around a pack of 20 cigarettes. It has a soft feel tip which I haven’t come across on one of these products before, which gives it a very realistic feel. The Cool Menthol taste was agreeable. I felt this would be a great product to have on you when you were out of the house, on a night out or would not have access to charge the other products.

The second product I tested was the Electronic cigarette which works with cartomizer refills. Again it looks like a cigarette, the tip part is the cartomizer and is the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes. The starter kit comes with the box, charger and two cartomizers. Again I had this in Cool Menthol so the taste was good the same as the disposable, the tip is not soft on this one. However this one charged up lasts for ages and seems very good value. Great for at home but I have to say given how long it lasted when charged also great for taking out. Its very easy to use with clear instructions.

Now whilst I haven’t quit smoking traditional cigarettes i have cut down considerably, I don’t smoke in the house, so I find myself rather then having to get up and go outside, I just use one of the Socialites. My opinion is that compared to the other products and brands I have tried the Socialites are of a very high quality.

On you will find the full range which also includes vaporisers and liquids.

The Disposable is available in three different taste blends, USA, Menthol and Gold and is £3.99.

The Electric Cigarette starter kits are £9.99 and come with the equivalent of 80 cigarettes. The Cartomizer refills come in packs of 5 for £9.99 and are equivalent to 200 cigarettes. These are available in varying strengths from high to zero nicotine. Wide variety of tastes available.

Please see the website for wide range of tank vaporisers, liquids and accessories.


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