Solitaire Part 2 – Legends of Solitaire The Curse of Dragons


Last week we took a look at one of the versions of Solitaire that was available to play on Steam.  This week we are looking at a second game from The Revills Games, Legends of Solitaire The Curse of Dragons.  If you missed our thoughts on Chef Solitaire USA, feel free to pop by and have a read.

Legends of Solitaire The Curse of Dragons

The premise of Legends of Solitaire The Curse of Dragons is essentially the same, by using the game solitaire you battle against the evil that is set destroy your beloved land, a terror so bad that only one person can save the day, yes your guessed it, you are the chosen one.  Dragons are ravaging the land, destroying building and farmland, you are needed to help stop the chaos.

6 (1)Legends of Solitaire Curse of the Dragons takes a more contemporary approach to solitaire, instead of the usual suits and building them in order, the idea is to clear the board, or collect the specific cards from the board.  To remove these cards you work from the deck, if there is a card that has a value of one higher or one lower than the present deck card, it can be removed, from there you can remove further cards if they match the same criteria, but using the card you just discarded as the base.  When you can go no further another card is drawn from the deck.

The theme for this game is grounded in a fantasy realm and the cards definitely reflect this with elves and goblins featuring heavily.  There are a number of fantastic items that you can purchase with in game money that will improve and enhance your journey through a staggering 400 rounds of Solitaire and beautifully designed environments.  This is an excellent choice for any card game fans out there! 

Legends of Solitaire – Curse of the Dragons is available on Steam for £5.99

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