Some seriously spooky recipe ideas for Halloween


Okay, so these recipes might not be really that spooky, but you probably don’t really want to bake something that scares people, right? I remember the horrors of a jelly made to look like a severed hand at Brownies: turns out that the jelly had been set inside a marigold rubber glove, which gave the jelly an intensely unique (ie disgusting) flavour.

Halloween falls on a Friday now, which could mean that there are a few mini ghosts and ghouls who come over to your house, expecting treats. The BBC Good Food website has this rather fabulous idea for frozen banana ghosts, where you simply stick a piece of banana on a stick, coat with melted white chocolate and sprinkle with desiccated coconut, use chocolate chips to make little eyes for the ghosts and then freeze your creations – apparently frozen banana tastes a lot like banana ice cream!

A simple cookie mixture can be cut and baked into a variety of festive shapes, including bats, ghosts and witches hats. A basic cupcake recipe can be iced into Frankenstein’s monster, more ghosts, or pumpkins.

And if you don’t fancy any sweet stuff, then don’t forget that the insides of the pumpkin when you scoop it out can also make you a few treats. How about using the pumpkin flesh to make a soup, risotto or curry? Or you could use the flesh to make a traditional pumpkin pie!

Whatever you do, enjoy Halloween, and don’t forget that the clocks go back on Sunday morning so get some extra rest in too!

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