Soup Can Make You Thin – The Cookbook


We don’t subscribe to fad diets here at Erisea, in fact if you are looking to lose weight we would suggest you go and speak to your doctor, partake in a healthy, balance diet, not a fad.  Having said that, today we are talking about the cookbook, Soup Can Make You Thin by Fiona Kirk and Jean Barr, and we decided to take a look at this book in particular as it stood out as having some amazing recipes.  

The truth is soups can be really nutritional and contain everything needed for a proper meal.  We tend to thin of soups as plain, boring choices for the cold winter months, but that is purely because we don’t think outside the box, we live in a society where ready-made is available everywhere, it is the easy choice, but not always the healthiest.

Making something from scratch can be an eye opener, not only do you know everything that has gone into your meal, but you will find it packs more flavour into every mouthful than you could imagine.

Soup Can Make You Thin has around 50 mouth-watering recipes for you to try, whether you are looking to lose weight or just eat better.  The book also has lots of advice, how to make stock, tips about equipment and a ten-day diet plan, that if you wish to , you can follow.

There are some really exciting recipes contained within these pages including Crab & Ginger Soup, Lamb Tagine Soup and Thai Curry Sweet Potato Soup.  There are also a lot of more traditional recipes as well like Pea and Ham Soup and Rich Tomato Soup.  

Whether you are adventurous in the kitchen or like to play it safe there are a recipes for everyone, Soup Can Make You Thin is an excellent anthology of ways to make soup exciting and full of flavour.  It is well worth a read.


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