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Retro and futurism synthesize as you rush through twisting lanes of hazard-strewn neon to the beat of Chipzel. Push your reflexes beyond reason, streaming faster and faster, collecting points and skimming along the edges of peril to thrash the high score.

Spectra Key Art



This frustratingly addictive game has been described as “punishing”, “unforgivable” and “beautiful” by its players. With such comparisons made to Audiosurf and Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, this hybrid features spectacularly polished next gen graphics with a reminiscent retro twist. Staying sharp is essential and reaction timing vital, as memory is obsolete with this nostalgia driven, arcade-like game.
Unforgivingly hard gameplay is the cornerstone of Spectra. Randomness, challenging obstacles and demanding beats encourages it’s re-playability for hours of entertainment. 

Hidden Goodness

Chipzel helped provide the 10 audio tracks the player races on. Chipzel, the music artist behind the soundtrack for Super Hexagon, created 10 awesome songs that procedurally generate the players’ track, through reading its energy.



The options menu on the PC Version is bad. Having to change your pc settings on the main screen of the pc – rather than in the game is annoying.

Thats the only negative really, it changes the format of the traditional racer and spun it on its head. The tracks difficulty progresses quickly and we loved the soundtrack.  Its a good start to a developing idea – we love to see if they develop further in a sequel.

3 out of 5


For More Info –

A documentary on the making of the game can be found here: https://youtu.be/N3-l5iLiMgY
The official gameplay trailer of Spectra is available to watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sNMR8Ez-xFw
For more information, please visit the website: www.spectragame.com

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