SpeedRunners – PC Game Review


Speedrunners has now left early access and we got the chance to play it… Interested? Read on….



To put it simply its one of the best couch / online multiplayer battles to have in your collection. The game is soooooo cut throat and relies on the player’s ability to run, jump, swing around and to use weapons to knock players out of contention. All done on the same screen – the objective is simple race around the area course and be the last one on the screen.






Fun and very easy to pick up after a couple of tries. The basics are simple run and jump to complete the course in the quickest time – However the weapons and the variety in courses make every level unique in its experience.

We played multiplayer and some of the single player story and found each time we played a level it ran differently in some shape or form. Human players may echo a course run they have seen and know the best routes but one keen weapon choice can throw anyone off their game.




A couple of times we went online to search out for other players but found none – so best piece of advice is to get this with friends buying it too.  Or at least get it for the next time you have them around. Good party games ahead.




Fun with people and it tries to develop a good single player experience, however its not the best to play (at single player). It comes into its own with the multiplayer and it is best played with people. The fun at beating your friends at the game is great.

Not a perfect game with good hidden depth with the custom creation tools to create your own stages. So a solid and good game with good fun aspects – 4/5

4 out of 5



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