Gaming is such a vast industry now, that there are games of every type available for our pleasure.  It is always great fun to find a game that surprises you and is a little different to your conventional running around with a gun pretending you’re Bruce Willis – Yippee-Ki-Yay!  Spellweaver is one such game.

Right off of the bat you need to know this is a game of patience, it takes a while to get a handle on the mechanics of the game itself and the various option you have open to you.  Essentially Spellweaver is card based game, much like Hearthstone, whereby you can build your own deck, featuring a Hero to take on your opponent, (Human or AI).


The game can be played however you wish – play to win and annihilate your opponents without mercy, or play to complete challenges and build your collection.  There are over 200 cards to collect across 6 colour themed factions and that contains 18 Hero cards.

You quest begins with a map laid out before you and a number of options…

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You can go right ahead and join a ‘Quick Battle’ but, there is lots to explore if you are not ready.  A handy Tutorial can be played and it explains in detail how to approach the game and get the best from your cards.  From the main screen you can also access you collection and fiddle with your deck until it is just right, of course there is also the Marketplace and an area for purchasing decks, crystals and gold, should you wish to, however the Spellweaver guys have assured us that it is entirely possible to obtain the cards you want just by playing the game.

What makes Spellweaver different from similar games?

There are 18 Heroes, each have their own special abilities and of course will compliment to coloured faction to which they belong, but now, in Spellweaver you can choose a Hero from the green faction and have cards in your deck from any or all of the other five colours – purple, red, blue, grey and yellow.  This opens a whole new world up for your game play as you are no longer confined to picking from one area, the possibilities are endless! Heroes can be further customised by using Shrine Cards which will alter and enhance you’re Hero’s abilities, this is particularly exciting as it means that each game is unique and each Hero! 

BattleScreen5How you tackle each game is completely up to you and Spellweaver allows you to tailor your own lines of attack with the different options that are created when looking at character stats.  Some creatures will be able to move faster than others, but their overall strength may be weaker, whereas another may have a hefty punch, but being slow on the uptake.  It is down to the player to decide how to overcome their foes and win the game,

This is further achieved by the Support Line Mechanics.  At first, SLM might seem a little confusing, the basic idea is that you have the option to secure your most treasured creatures in an area away from battle and the threat of injury or worse.  There is a catch though, you wont be able to play this card unless you have a special ability, but if you do, your opponent will be frustrated by your attacks.

BattleScreen7The in game quests are a great way to earn gold and build your deck, for example you may need to earn 60 fame or win five games using a specific hero, adding a slight RPG element to the game as well,

Spellweaver is great fun and once you have a handle on it and a few games under your belt, you will be strategising and plotting your inevitable rise to prominence and power. You can pick up a copy of Spellweaver on Steam and is Free-To-Play, with in game purchases.


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