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Books are incredible, you can live the lives of royalty, venture to far off lands or travel the high seas as a pirate.  The choices are endless and vast, a way to escape everyday life and become immersed in experiences you could only dream of.  The power of the written word is not to be underestimated and should be celebrated.

Spineless Classics have decided to share their passion for books in a unique and unusual way.  They have found a way to get an entire book, every single last word onto a single poster.



Each poster contains every page contained within a bound book.  The text is perfectly readable and easy to follow.  Whilst from afar the poster displays an image that is easily recognisable as from the story that the poster tells.  From fairy tales to tales of society, there is sure to be a book you love available.

The posters are delivered in a thick, sturdy tube that ensures it arrives in mint condition, you can then frame the artwork and hang it for all to see.

Our favourite from the collection is definitely Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by the incredible Lewis Carroll.  The story of a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole, landing herself in a strange and fantastical land called Wonderland.  The book follows her journey through talking flowers, a cryptic caterpillar who smokes, food that changes people’s sizes and a murderous Queen, all in the name of chasing a very late white rabbit.

SP031 Alice in Wonderland

The poster has been arranged in a manner that immediately tells you it is about Alice and her adventures.  Her inverted silhouette is iconic to say the least and her peering behind the curtain of words is so symbolic of how the book unfolds due to her curious nature.

The posters are a very innovative way to display your favourite book and every one is different, exciting and a stunning addition to any way.  The Wizard of Oz, Paddington Bear and  even Casino Royale are among the titles available for purchase at Spineless Classics.

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