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A quick review of the latest bomberman type game – Splody (that has just finished its beta).  30 players on a standard bomberman map – Sound Intriguing? Read on….


“The classic couch competitive gameplay of games like “Bomberman” brought into the modern era. Place bombs, get out of the way, destroy your friends, collect powerups, ‘splode your way to victory in a variety of game modes adapted for smooth multiplayer with virtually unlimited local players!”



  • Host your own custom online game, or just jump in to a public game to quickly get into the action
  • As many local players as you can connect controllers for (4-20 recommended)
  • Play against bots to practice or fill in a game
  • Level editor, share custom levels
  • Various game modes and settings including “Capture the Dino” – Fight over control for a mount in this game mode which keeps all players respawning and in the action until the end of the match
  • Even in the “classic” game mode, with post-mortem “orbital bombers,” players can affect the game after they are defeated, so no one gets bored between matches




Gameplay is broken down into two main elements, character creation and the game. 

Start of the Game – Character Creation

From the designs on the left and the colour palettes on the right. Picking the colours is as simple as walking through it.



The Game

Kill the opposition with the bombs you create. Pick up the power-ups and win.  But how about up to 30 CPUS or users.



It can either be Teams or free for all and have various game modes to make it interesting. Extra playability with the depth of the level editor and with online available too.  Unfortunately at the time of writing – no one was on the servers.



It is basically bomberman but it tweaks elements of it to make it different. The character creation tool is so different to what you normally see and the amount of players you can have is great.  Is it a game changer? No, but its all round and improvement on the bomberman game type makes it a good game.

Will improve if improvements are made.

3 out of 5



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