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Ginger and The Ghost are a duo set to take the UK by storm this year.  Originally from Australia, we caught up with Missy to find out more about them and what they are all about!

There is a real sense of freedom about your musical sound, is this something you do consciously?

That’s really flattering thank you. We hope the space in the music gives people time to think, feel and remember.  Creating some kind of nostalgic emotion comes naturally in our style, so it must be conscious.

We are writing at the moment in London and my lyrics have become a commentary about a global spiritual collective consciousness.  I’m still writing character based stories, but these come from a deeper place now.  That feels right so there’s no question it’s the right way.

How did Ginger & The Ghost come about?

Daniel and I were in other bands and I was wanting to do a solo project so he joined me in my first session, and it felt killer for both of us.

Can you introduce us to the band?

It’s the two of us, sometimes we have special guests on stage like Tuxedo Rose our live paper willow tree or string sections.

What is your musical process?

I start with the title of the song with an intention behind it.  For example a new song TOTEM is about my totem animals coming up from underground to fight the machine that is conquering the natural planet.  It’s a war situation, so I explained that in the process of writing and we just press record and pick up whatever instruments are needed, and that becomes the melody.  The story is descriptive so the feeling the music draws backs it up.

Intuitive recording we call it….

Do you have a favourite song that you have recorded so far?

The newest ones.
Why? That’s the best part about being a musician, writing the unknown, writing something that’s never happened before, being in the moment, documenting.

Is fashion a big part of Ginger & The Ghost?

Not so much fashion but culture, sub culture, pop culture, I (Ginger)  love to research trends, influences, history and fashion.  But street fashion is king.

It’s like a drug! I get caught in rabbit holes creating moodboards for costume and film clips, so fashion is an amazing avenue for that.
But natures design is our biggest love, and form within fashion is directly inspired by that.

Where does your sense of style come from?

Our mood, I generally direct the style within our music project so it’s fantastical and directional but our day to day is a total contradiction.
My style is generally eclectic, I love neo gothic designers like Lindsey Thornburg, Mania Mania, Ellery and future rave designers like Discount Universe, for my fun stuff and anything from Bona Drag.  I am a big vintage head, so lots of statement pieces that are wild and weird to fuck things up a bit.  Daniels style is really clean in comparison he loves clean sharp fitted and I’m a flo monster.


What is next for you?

Writing and touring UK in July then back to oz to name more film clips.

A few secret collaborative projects comb up too!

Watch out for a few releases soon!


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