Spring Artistry!


This season started out all about pastels, an overlap from last year, but now we are seeing the most exquisite blues exploding on the catwalks, high-end magazines and pretty much everywhere we look!  One of the most exciting places to see the hues of blue this month, is in make up.

Artistry 1

The eyes are completely stealing every show with the colours of Mediterranean oceans, summer skies and lagoons of far-flung destinations.  Blue is beautiful, it’s bold and it’s daring.  We decided to put together a look with one of our favourite brands this month, Artistry.


Striking blues are more than just a statement of the season though, they can light up the eyes, make them appear larger and immediately draw others to gaze into the windows of the soul! 

Artistry 5


We used a few items from Artistry’s Signature range:

  • Artistry Signature Eyes 
    • Volume Mascara in Indigo
  • Artistry Signature Colour
    • Sheer Lipstick in Sandstone
  • Artistry Eye Crayon Trio
    • Desert Sand
    • Sky Blue
    • Indigo


The natural shade of the lipstick allow the eyes to shine, without leaving them behind.  They still look luscious and will give you the perfect pout.

The eye crayons give you so much freedom.  Whilst working like a shadow in a stick, the crayons give you much more blending capabilities.  The trio work incredibly well together as well, leaving you with endless opportunities.

The stand out element of this look though has to be the mascara.  Striking Indigo makes the eyes really pop for that wow factor! 

Finish by using the fabulous Eye of Horus Nile Brow Define for the perfect eyebrow and you are ready to step into the April sunshine and sparkle.


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