St George’s Day



Today’s is St George’s day in England.  This isn’t yet recognised has a national holiday in this country. We don’t have a national day, the closest we come to celebrating a nationality is St. Patrick’s Day. Although the reasoning for par-taking in St. Paddy’sDay celebrations are more motivated by liquid consumption, as opposed to some desire to celebrate in a nation’s heritage.

A disturbing motivation behind some calling for a national holiday for St George’s days is by a minority of the nation’s less tolerant citizens. The day has been hijacked as a platform by those who complain about the current state of the country, which they mostly attribute to the multinational country we live in today. This is done without any sense of irony in the fact that many countries, all over the world, many eastern European countries, also celebrate Saint George.  

Also Saint George in one of only a few Christian Saints that is also given recognition within the religion of Islam. All facts which could be easily researched by anyone wanting to make this a national holiday with a quick search on Wikipedia.

For this reason St George’s Day should be given its rightful day on the calendar, so we, as a culture of many religions and nationalities, can come together and not only celebrate the legend of St George but also the society we inhabit.

We all need to tolerant and respectful and this will demonstrate to the minority promoting a hate agenda that they will not succeed.

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