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In 2001 Susan and Paul Johnson founded St Kitts Herbery on the site of St Kitts Leisure stop, this was an old fashioned style truck stop on the A39 in the North of Cornwall.  They had come to Corwall with just £2000, some seed and a polytunnel.  From those humble beginnings grew St Kitts Herbery, everything grew from those seeds.

Selling everything from skincare to food, there is certainly something for everyone, including chocolate.  Yes, chocolate.  St Kitts Herbery is a place where herbs of all descriptions are grown and then made into all manner of things.  At first glance you wouldn’t really think of herbs and chocolate as being a good match, but we were challenged to think differently when the Herbery sent us some chocolate to try!

Basil Disks 1Basil Chocolate Discs


We are not going to lie, at first we were dubious, we love Basil as much as the next person and are always adding it to pasta and other dishes, but when the lovely people at the Herbery told us that we would be trying Basil flavoured chocolate, we had no idea what to expect.

When the pouch is first opened there is a strong, rich, full bodied aroma that encapsulates your senses.  It is an unusual combination, but also feels familiar.  The discs are thick and large, but remain firm, not tough.

It has a really refreshing taste, very cooling on the tongue and almost aniseed in flavour.  Extremely pleasant and not at all overpowering.

A big thumbs up from us!


Cardamom Chocolate Discs

The Cardamom flavoured discs are a much more exotic offering.  They have the firm but soft texture but when putting cardamom and white chocolate together you get a surprising result.  It reminded us of rice puddings and exotic desserts from far flung places around the globe, such as Rasmalai.  Beautifully indulgent and incredibly tasty!

Coffee trio

The St Kitts Herbery also have a range of chocolate bars to get you salivating!

Coffee Chocolate

A lovely gift set comprising of three bars, or they can be bought individually, the coffee chocolate bar collection is a fabulous present for the coffee lovers in your life.

The three flavours are:

  • Espresso, a rich bar of chocolate that has an intense espresso flavour
  • Cappuccino, tastes of Italy and coffee houses across the land.
  • Latte, a more subtle flavoured bar with white chocolate.

They also have a Chilli gift set!


We love the chocolate on offer at St Kitts Herbery, it is brilliant to find somewhere that has a different take on a loved classic and are not afraid to try new things, especially ones that are delicious !





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