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St. Kitts have featured in the magazine before with their amazing chocolate concoctions, but they also produce a range of amazing skincare products that are set to tantalise and excite, whilst keeping skin in tip top condition.

Much like with the chocolate, St. Kitts Herbery in Cornwall grow all of their own herbs at the Herbery and us them in their skincare range.  This makes all of the products made natural and free from harsh chemicals.  They only use synthetic substances to the bare minimum so as to improve function, keep them free of harmful bacteria and prolong their life.’  

Here are just a few of the incredible creams, lotions and potions available to give skin a real treat!


Frankincense and Neroli is an amazing combination for a cleanser.  It leaves your skin refreshed and deeply cleansed.Frankincense is well known for its regenerative properties and so helps the skins cells reproduce whilst the Neroli stimulates the cell growth and aids the repair of broken capillaries and veins.  It has a definite rich and impacting aroma, that is just sublime.  The cleanser cools and soothes the skin, whilst cleaning and nourishing.

£9.95 100ml Pump Bottle 


For all skin types  the toner contains the same herb essential oils as the cleanser and there for performs in addition to the cleanser.  It has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties also, which help in the conditioning of skin.

£9.95 100ml Spray Bottle

face_cream_Face Cream

Again containing Frankincense and Neroli, giving the skin even more stimulation and rejuvenation when used in conjunction with the cleanser and toner, the face cream contains some other natural active botanicals that make it rather special.

Chamomile and Lavender are renowned for their soothing properties and are regularly ingredients in facial applications.  Ginseng and Aloe Vera are also present and have tremendous healing, repairing and soothing effects.  Many after sun creams in fact use Aloe Vera to ease the pain of sun burn and it is used to help burn victims also, so is powerful when looking to reduce inflammation and irritation on the skin.

With all of this combined, the soft whippy face cream is great for dealing with problem skin, keeping issues under control, while at the same time moisturising and leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy.

£9.95 50ml Pump Bottle

 nourishing_oilNourishing Oil

Containing the main two ingredients featured through out the range, the nourishing oil has quite a different aroma to it due to the other active botanicals present in the oil.  These include Lavender, Avocado, Carrot and Sweet Almond, but the most notable note is the incredibly fragrant Rosemary.  this gives the oil a slightly woody and earthy feel to it.

the Nourishing Oil will moisturise the skin but also helps to fight against wrinkles and ageing skin, encouraging more elasticity.

£9.95 50ml Spray Bottle

Spot Treatment

Made with Neroli and Myrrh, this spot treatment is great to ease the discomfort of acne and reduce the outbreak of spots.  In a liquid form, it can be applied using a cotton wool ball onto areas affected by spots, meaning you can target problematic patches of skin.  The lotion is left to dry and work it’s magic.

£9.95 50ml Pump Bottle

Rosemary & Bergamot Guest Gift Set

Another great item from St. Kitts is the Guest Gift Set.  This is something that is affordable enough, that it can be placed in your guest room for when you have visitors stay.  Inside can be found a Body & Hair Wash, Moisturising Lotion and Guest Soap.  A little treat that will be sure to delight unsuspecting guests!



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