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One of the most daunting things when trying to make connections with people has to be networking.  Whether it is in a room full of people or online, there is the endless thought of rejection and being seen as someone wanting to step on the shoulders of others.  In fact networking can be extremely rewarding and in fact it is something you have done your whole life, it is just when you label it and are actively trying to perform the task at hand, you increase the pressure laid upon yourself and that in turn has a knock on effect.

Dorie Clark is a contributor with the Forbes and Harvard Review and she has written this fantastic guide to getting a hold of yourself and being able to network effectively.  It is pointless going to an event and just collecting a mass of business cards that you will shove in a draw and probably never look at, you’ll not contact them because everyone was just handing out cards like they were sweets.  Instead Dorie talks about being able to foster a meeting with someone and creating a long lasting friendship that goes beyond either party assisting the other in some way.  

As well as her own experiences, Dorie speaks with experts such as authors Keith Ferrazzi and Judy Robinett, psychologist Robert Caldini and marketer Micheal Katz.  They each add to Clark’s guide on how to get the best out of networking and make it beneficial for you.  From those first meetings where small talk is king and how to get those exchanges to actually be something meaningful for you, to using the internet as a way to network, through social media and person communications.  She looks at ways to maintain your contacts, keeping in touch, repairing any trouble relationships and just making the best out of every opportunity.


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