Star Wars: Force Awakens – Trailer Preview


So have you seen the Star Wars Trailer – good news to all the Star Wars fans out there.

It looks great. It establishes the good base tone of the film.



First thing that we see is a stormtrooper or possible stormtrooper in the desert. Circa Luke and Anakin origin stories – are we in the same desert as before?

So a stormtrooper stuck in the desert. – hmm.


Next thing that stands out is the flying vehicle.  It looks very innuendo – very phallic. We think it is a woman riding the phallic symbol as well.



The new light-saber looks great – check out the parodies of it. It looks a bit sword like. Adam Driver has been rumoured to be the guy with the red light-saber.




None of this is guaranteed – Rumours we have heard.  The 40 year war of attrition between Imperial and Rebel forces with the characters all developing powers of a Jedi variety. With no master they are uncontrolled.

A deserted stormtrooper is hunted and the action soon begins.

JJ Abrams is supposed to be a loggerheads with Disney with creative direction.


So we will be keeping track of the goings on – Star Wars episode 7 due out December 2015.

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