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It is true and often not thought of, that Stormtroopers have to start somewhere, that the elite soldiers of the Imperial Army are not born clad in white, with a blaster in hand, ready to take on the Jedi.  No, they, like all of us, have to first go to school.  Well, to be more accurate the military establishment is called the Academy of Carida and is located on the Spinara Plateau, on the planet Carida (Ord Carida).

The Academy was created to help produce a more elite class of Stormtrooper, it helps that high gravity is present on the planet, meaning that all Stormtoopers who graduate, would be more resilient, tougher and ready for anything.  They would train in many areas and be educated to the highest standards, including Desert Warfare, Emotional Suppression and The Principles of the Emperor’s New Order.  

It must be a rather terrifying situation, the first day at the Academy of Carida and any prospective Stormtrooper would of course want to be as prepared as possible.  Given this and the fact that education is extremely important, we wanted to track down something that would help you fit in and keep learning, if you have been accepted.

“Open the blast doors”

AT0625SD-17_300dpiIf you are off to become one of the Imperial Army’s elite, we have just the thing to take with you, the Cross Click pen and Cross Jotzone Journal (RRP £30).  Now, you are most likely thinking that a notebook and pen are not going to make much of a difference to your life on Carida, but you would be wrong.  

(Cue Star Wars theme music)… 

The prospective Stormtrooper can now show his/her devotion to the cause with these stylish, fashionable, practical and Emperor approved Journal and Pen. 

The Cross Jotzone Journal is sleek and luxurious.  A black leatherette finish covers the pages of this journal, with a striking embossed Stormtrooper head and the Star Wars logo, in a crisp, clean white.  It looks and feels to be made of the highest quality materials, for a finish that will have classmates envious and fill you with pure joy insidious darkness, each and every time you pull this out of your Stormtrooper backpack to take notes.  

The journal is secured with an elasticated ribbon and features 160 lined, 100 gsm acid free paper pages.  Each of these pages have an area at the right and corner for jotting little notes, called the Jotzone and giving the journal its name.  The back of the journal also has an expandable pocket for you to store your Imperial Itinerary or receipts, tickets to gigs or anything else you might wish to keep. 

There is one more advantage to this incredibly practical and quite frankly, stunning journal and that is found on the spine, or rather in it.  You see, here the journal has a space for you to store a pen, clipped into the very back bone of your brand new, funky favourite jotter.

This brings us to Cross’s fantastic Click Pen (RRP £30).  A gel ink pen that writes beautifully and is extremely smooth, with even ink distribution, you will enjoy hours of writing using this pen.  The best bit though is that the Cross Click now has a design that compliments the Jotzone Journal above.


A slender metal pen in fresh white and bold black, it features a design based on Stormtroopers themselves and includes a fabulous clip that proudly displays the Stormtooper uniform helmet.  

A simple design that encompasses so much of these soldiers from the Star Wars universe, the Cross Click Pen is perfect for taking notes in your journal whilst in training.  It has a comfortable design that will make writing an absolute pleasure and is lightweight too.

The pen comes in an elegant white box with a velveteen inner, but is presented with this box open, pen inside covered by a plastic sleeve.  The outer case features the Star Wars logo again and just adds another level of sophistication to an already incredible pen.

If you aren’t an Imperial Intern and are more inclined to be a golden domestic droid, just like C-3PO, or perhaps you fancy yourself the Lord of the Dark Side himself, Darth Vader, then fear not, because both the Cross Jotzone Journal and Click Pen are available in all three designs.


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