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Remembering the excitement as a child going to pick out a new pair of shoes fills, even the most grown up of adults, with a sense of joy and wonderment.  There was always some shoe or other that was special, it might be that it had a magical key in the sole of the shoe or it has wheels to make you zoom about,  version of something a celebrity you loved or just a pair you had been admiring, there was something magical about going to get new shoes as a kid!

Now days shoe shops seem few and far between, so the wonder of picking out the new school shoes or getting a pair for a special occasion are somewhat dulled for kids these days and shoes appear to have become rather mundane!

Step Up Start Rite…

Back are the days of anticipation and pure joy at picking out new shoes because Start Rite have some of the most exciting designs for children around, not only that but they care about children’s feet and want them to have footwear that fits properly to allow their little feet to grow unhampered.

Fitting is important…

Because every child’s feet are different to every others, it is really important to look at the foot as a whole when looking for the right size.  Start Rite recognise this and so they make shoes in not just whole sizes, but half sizes too and then each of those come in a range of different widths, this is to make sure that every child has shoes that fit properly.  If a child’s feet were subjected to shoes that didn’t fit properly, then their feet, which keep growing up until around 18 years old, could be adversely impacted.  Start Rite are committed to making sure that children have footwear that is right for them!

Funky Footwear Forever!

So, now we know that they fit properly, what about the designs?  Well, it would take a month of Sundays to actually pick favourites from the collection online, but we have tried our best – (take aways were called in and toiletries to freshen up).

Orange & BrownDigby, Brown/Orange Leather Girls Zip-up Boots – £40

Adorable miniature versions of grown up Chelsea Boots, these Digby Boots are just the right pick for little girls who a bit more rough and tumble, who love climbing and running, puddles and getting grubby!

In a striking combination of orange and brown, complete with a lovely feminine design across the top and around the sides, hey will please little feet everywhere.  They also have a zip fastening, which makes getting them on little people’s feet much easier, especially when they are in not shoe mode!  The lining is leather, which will not only mean that these boots should last as long as they fit, but they will keep little toes dry as the lining will absorb moisture.  Of course they are also incredibly comfortable being made from soft leather!

red & diamanteAqua Gemstones, Dark Red Leather Girls Zip-up Boots – £67

For the little lady these Aqua Gemstone, Dark Red Leather Boots are perfect.  Beautiful deep red leather forms a boot that looks so grown up, the girls will love them and not only that they have a delicate, sparkling line of gemstones running down the sides.  The buckle details also give the boots a unique character, adding interest to an already fantastic style!

Again they have a zip to make getting them on and off much easier and are very lightweight despite their size, as well as very flexible.  They are leather and suede, making them glamorous and tactile, but breathable an feature the waterproof Aqua-rite lining!


Start Rite have an astounding catalogue with styles and designs to suit every taste and child’s desire!

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