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Summer is the perfect time to get yourself up and moving about, the warmth of the sun and longer evenings make us all want to go out, explore and even eat healthier.  

The key ingredient to getting out there and being more active is motivation.  Of course, at times this can easily be lacking, so what can you do to give yourself a little motivation?  How about a pair of shoes that would not only be great for summer walks and trips to the park, but that also look incredible?

Startas, as a brand, began in 1976 in Borovo, then part of Yugoslavia, which is now Croatia.  They were originally created for people who played table tennis.  Since then the company has grown and diversified, making their gorgeous canvas shoes available to people far and wide.

polka-dots-x-whiteMade from 100% raw and organic materials, the canvas shoes are environmentally conscious and we have to say they are absolutely stunning.  There are a number of different designs, our favourite being the Polka Dots X White pair.  As you might expect the white shoes are covered in little black polka dots, giving a really unique look.  Each pair also come with two pairs of shoes laces, so you can either lace up in black or white, but that is not all.  For us the piste de resistance was the addition of two little bows that can be attached.  These add a lovely feminine touch to the charming pair of shoes.

Jelena Micunovic, Managing Director of Startas + Co said, “We are so excited about bringing our ethical range of trainers to the UK for the first time. Startas + Co is one of the only brands in Europe promising organic materials and competitive prices, so we hope to pave the way for other shoe brands to do the same.”

The lifestyle brand behind the stylish footwear hope to set an example to other fashion manufacturers by promoting fairtrade and fair wages for production workers. With many luxury goods still made in struggling parts of the world where workers are taken advantage of, Startas + Co is reuniting fashion and ethical production – and hailing the conscious consumerism trend. The Croatian brand promotes quality over quantity, with each shoe made from natural materials and handmade to last.

Jelena added, “Every capsule wardrobe needs a pair of chic trainers, and a pair of Startas is the ideal choice for the stylish, eco-conscious shopper. We may be the newcomer on the market but no other brand can match our ethical credentials without compromising on style and affordability.”

The Polka Dot canvas shoes are perfect to pair with some boyfriend jeans or a lovely little summer dress, adding some individuality and flare to your outfit.  Stand out from the crowd and Startas you mean to go on, embrace the summer and explore, each day brings new adventures! 

You can get a pair of your very own from Startas + Co for just £42.50.



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