Staycations – the new holiday trend

Isle of Wight needles

The Isle of Wight’s famous needles.

You may not have heard of them but staycations are all the rage nowadays. Many people of all ages are ditching their passports and long haul flights and instead choosing to holiday in the UK. If you didn’t already know, the word ‘staycation’ is simply the trendy result of combining ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’ and is simply used to describe a holiday someone takes that is within driving distance of their home.

Why would someone pick a holiday in the (possibly rainy) UK over a holiday abroad where the weather is almost guaranteed to be better? We recently took to Facebook to ask these so called ‘staycationers’ just that and we found that there was a mixture of responses:

– Elaine, 46 from Staffordshire chose to holiday in Tresaith, Wales, a place she had previously been to because she was able to take her dog with her.

– Helen chose to spend a few days away in London as she loves the buzz of England’s capital city and managed to cram in a West End show and a lot of shopping in her short break away.

Edinburgh castle

The stunning Edinburgh Castle.

– Rachel, 25 spent a week in Pembrokeshire. She chose this particular location as it’s somewhere she’s been going every year since she was small.

– Megan, 23 from Bristol chose Edinburgh as her UK holiday destination because she didn’t need to use a passport and it’s only a short plane ride away.

– Hayley, 24 from Staffordshire visited the Isle of Wight. Her reason for this destination was that she’s been going since she was a baby and although it’s only a short ferry ride away from England’s south coast, it’s such a quiet and peaceful island full of fantastic beaches.

As you can see, the people we spoke to were of all ages and they all chose different locations across the UK and for different reasons. Many people see staycations as an easy holiday, no passport is needed, there’s no language barrier, no cultural differences and they’re easy to get to.

The UK has many beautiful places to visit, from historical Edinburgh, to the golden sandy beaches in Cornwall. There’s no wonder more people are choosing to go on a staycation when we have such wonderful places on our doorstep.

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