Step Into the Void – Volume 2


Please come and Step into the Void – a monthly roundup of things to come in the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.


Interstellar Preview

A film coming early November, Interstellar. It is the story of Earth’s time coming to an end – a team of explorers intend to save it. They have to travel beyond the known galaxy to discover if mankind has a place in the universe.

Looking at the barren landscape of the earth in the clips – it shows the Earth and the solar system maybe on it’s last legs.

The Earth is the secondary thought in the film, it focuses on family and what people do to try and save family.

“We not meant to save the world – We are meant to leave it”


Picture provided by Warner Bros.

Michael Caine’s Voice narrates the trailers and it is eerily good to hear the voice with the action beside it.  Will Matthew McConaughey’s character come back to save his daughter?

Hidden Gems of TV

With that much on the television schedule have consideration for the hidden gems that can spark the viewer in a different way. We have two shows in mind.

Beauty and The Beast (UKTV Watch)- The Conclusion of Season 2 started this week – Tuesdays 9pm (from the 7th)

Origin Story of the Show – Catherine Chandler (played by Kristin Kreuk) is a smart homicide detective. She has a family history with strangeness with an event that happened as a teenager. Cat witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of two gunman.  Something saved her from being shot, an animal like human.  No one believed her stories of the person who saved her.

Years pass and the memory of that event has spured her on to be a police officer. This is where she gets the first clue of her saviour – half man, half beast – Vincent. More than she is looking for him and the show follows these events.


 Where Up To – On the 7th – E17 of 22.

Cat was forced to reveal secrets to her cop partner, Tess. To hopefully salvage their relationship and to also protect Vincent.  Meanwhile, Evan gets suspicious of everyone in the department and this spurs him on to track the beast down.


Being Human USA – UKTV Watch – Monday 20th October – 11pm Mondays.  – The start of S3.

Based upon the BBC hit show, “Being Human” – USA have tried to remake it. The main difference in the show is length of series – They get more time to develop the storylines. Aiden the Vampire, Sally the Ghost and Josh the Werewolf all have American counterpart with a twist to the UK Premise. The first season started similar to the UK but it has grown on its own from there.


Being Human

Where Up To –  Season 3

Sally returns from limbo with a bit more baggage than she bargained for, along with new abilities that prove both good and bad.  Josh meanwhile has to deal with the consequences of trying to lift the werewolf curse – complications arise as a strange visitor arrives to talk to Josh and Nora.

Aiden resurfaces from being in the ground to see that the vampire community has changed. He must change his approach to feeding and this changes his life forever.




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