Stories: The Path of Destinies – PS4 Game Review

A game about a Pirate Fox? Count us in…. Interested? Read on….


In ‘Stories: The Path of Destinies’ you play as a Pirate fox named Reynardo, as you play the game you choose different paths to take to reveal different parts of the story. As you complete one part you go back through the ‘story book’ and pick the chapter you would like to play. It’s a nice idea that gives you a bit of choice rather than just following a set path.


When I first started playing, I thought that it was a pretty basic isometric colourful RPG with hack and slash elements. When I got past the (not so excellent) voice acting (complete with Star Wars references) and the first half an hour, I realised there was a lot more to this game.
Access to other areas revolves around upgrading your sword. You can also upgrade skills and combat elements. The combat is pretty good and involves dashing, parrying and using a ‘Zelda’ style hookshot to pull your enemies in amongst other things. The world seems fairly big, and as you are playing, you can see all the other paths you can take when you are replaying the story. This element makes you want to explore more and drives you to play the game.


‘Stories: The Path of Destinies’ is a very enjoyable game that will melt a good fair few of your hours, aside from the early part of the game being a bit samey, I would recommend a play through of this enjoyable RPG.
4 out of 5

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