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Welcome to a look into the street food of Asia courtesy of My Street Food Kitchen by food stylist Jennifer Joyce.
My Street Food Kitchen is about fast and easy flavours from around the world, from fiery tacos and icy ceviche to dirty burgers, chai and roti; there are 150 recipes inspired by Jennifer’s travels and the vibrance and simplicity of local street food favourites.

My Street Food Kitchen

So – we looked through the book and found some highlight dishes to show off from the book.

This Week a combined piece on Japanese and Korean dishes that she found on her travels.

Korean Fried Chicken Wings (p.168)


The Story Behind the Dish – “There are fast-food chains and trucks whose menus are solely devoted to this addictive chicken. Generally it’s fried twice to crisp the skin and then rolled in a sweet vinegary chilli glaze made from the insanely good gochujang chilli paste. Since frying chicken on the bone can be a bit messy, I played around with the method to bake them crisp first. The end result is just as salivatingly good.”

Homemade Udon Noodles (p.173)

Homemade Udon
The Story Behind the Dish – “The Japanese are noodle gurus, whether it be chewy buckwheat soba, egg ramen or delicate wheat somen; however, their triumph is the thick bouncy udon with its toothsome bite. I know making your own sounds very aspirational (or just insane) but it’s no more effort than making home-made pasta. Fry them up yakisoba style or make a comforting soup. A good broth is all you need, so either buy it or use my quick method below. Good Japanese grocery stores also sell quality frozen noodles, which is the next best thing to home-made.”


Tonkatsu Pork with Tangy Slaw (p.178)

The Story Behind the Dish – “I wasn’t awakened to the pleasures of tonkatsu before visiting Tokyo but it’s now frequently part of my weekday supper repertoire. Coated in panko breadcrumbs and then shallow-fried until golden and crisp, it has a leg-up on your usual crumbed meat. The thick spicy sauce served alongside is like HP or steak sauce with soy and spicy mustard. Most Japanese buy the famous brand called ‘Bulldog’ but making your own is easy and you know exactly what’s in it”.


Overall Thoughts – From all our weeks at looking at this book, Japanese and Korean have similarities to the rest of Asia but it looks a hell of a lot more refined. Refined Dinning at its best.

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My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce (Murdoch Books. £18.99). Photography by Jean Cazals.
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