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Welcome to a look into the street food of Asia courtesy of My Street Food Kitchen by food stylist Jennifer Joyce.
My Street Food Kitchen is about fast and easy flavours from around the world, from fiery tacos and icy ceviche to dirty burgers, chai and roti; there are 150 recipes inspired by Jennifer’s travels and the vibrance and simplicity of local street food favourites.

So – we looked through the book and found some highlight dishes to show off from the book.

This week, the hot climate of the Middle East.


Falafel with Lemon Tahini & Pickled Cabbage (p.107)

The Story Behind the Dish – “Several countries lay claim to inventing falafel, and the various sauces are equally delicious. Lebanon uses a garlic mayonnaise and Israel is partial to sesame tahini. I’ve chosen the latter and pimped it up with some pickled cabbage for added crunch. Use fresh Middle Eastern flatbread and give it a little heat first to soften while rolling up. Roll up the warm falafel balls in the soft smoky bread with all the fixings for a little slice of heaven.”


Chermoula, Tomato & Fish Tagine (p.126)


The Story Behind the Dish – “The aromas of cinnamon and other spices permeate the streets in Morocco, from the market stalls to the footpaths. Tagines are made streetside in individual clay pots that bubble away for hours, making dreamy smells for passersby. Essaouira, a windy seaside town, is where I encountered this light stew. After eating a lot of lamb in Marrakesh it made a refreshing change.”


Sticky Date Cake (p.129)

The Story Behind the Dish – “Cardamom and caramel make a formidable sauce for this pillow-soft cake studded with chopped dates. Scoop some ice cream or crème fraiche over it, sprinkle with the bashed brittle and indulge your friends after a Middle Eastern feast.”



Overall Thoughts – These dishes establishes what is available in the heat and the climate compared to the different climates of other parts of Asia.
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My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce (Murdoch Books. £18.99). Photography by Jean Cazals.
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