Street Food of Asia – Passage to India


Welcome to a look into the street food of Asia courtesy of My Street Food Kitchen by food stylist Jennifer Joyce.

My Street Food Kitchen is about fast and easy flavours from around the world, from fiery tacos and icy ceviche to dirty burgers, chai and roti; there are 150 recipes inspired by Jennifer’s travels and the vibrance and simplicity of local street food favourites.


My Street Food Kitchen

So – we looked through the book and found some highlight dishes to show off from the book. Its all about flavour and  Colours with us in a “Passage to India”.

Cauliflower and Tomato Curry p.240

The Story Behind the Dish – “This curry is from Gujarat state, which has a predominantly vegetarian population. The tomato sauce, with flecks of coconut and spices, gets its zing from tamarind, a signature flavour in their cuisine. Midweek I do use ready-made curry pasted and spice mixtures such as garam masala, but this is the one dish that especially benefits from freshly toasted and ground spices.”


Spicy Chicken Kati Rolls p.246


Spicy Chicken Kati Rolls
The Story Behind the Dish – “Kati rolls are rotis or parathas that have a thin layer of fried eff on one side and are then filled and rolled with chicken, grilled beef, various chutneys and onions. Served at roadside stalls, these wondrous flatbread rolls are breakfast and lunch all in one. If you’re not a fan of eggs, just wrap up the chicken on its own”.



Red Onion Baji (p.237)

The Story Behind the Dish – “Bhajis are one of the many kinds of pakora, vegetables deep-fried in a spiced chickpea flour batter. The chickpea flour makes a blistering crisp coating and tastes heavenly dipped into cool minty yoghurt sauce. You can use any vegetables, prawns, or even bite-size pieces of firm fish.”


 Overall Thoughts – After seeing the recipes too, its a good book to buy with the overall flavours and making the reader want to try something new is great.

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My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce (Murdoch Books. £18.99). Photography by Jean Cazals.
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