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Welcome to a look into the street food of Asia courtesy of My Street Food Kitchen by food stylist Jennifer Joyce.

My Street Food Kitchen is about fast and easy flavours from around the world, from fiery tacos and icy ceviche to dirty burgers, chai and roti; there are 150 recipes inspired by Jennifer’s travels and the vibrance and simplicity of local street food favourites.

My Street Food Kitchen

So – we looked through the book and found some highlight dishes to show off from the book. We will let the images and stories do the talking.

This Week, we explore South East Asian Cusine and its street food.

Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls (p.198)


Spring rolls
The Story Behind the Dish – “Hoi An is a magical Vietnamese city with old temples, colourful paper lanterns and quaint little bridges. The city’s most sophisticated cooks like to take a modern spin on old royal Hue cuisine and there aren’t many experiences that could exceed a mouthful of this flaky hot spring roll, wrapped in fragrant herbs and dunked into tangy lime dipping sauce. The hot-cold sensations will make your mouth sing.”



Green Papaya and Carrot Salad (p.202)


“They say som tom is heaven on its own, but this salad of crisp unripe papaya ribbons and spicy lime dressing also creates the perfect base for seared prawns, sliced beef or sticky pork belly. The pounding of the ingredients is key; even though most of us don’t own a Thai clay mortar and pestle you can improvise with a big bowl and the flat end of a rolling pin. Pounding infuses the flavour into the papaya and softens it. Three small bird’s eye chillies will make your salad spicy but not eyeball-popping hot. Feel free to adjust the number to your liking. “


Happy Pancakes with Prawns and Lime Chilli Sauce (p.209)


The Story Behind the Dish – “You will be happy indeed when you eat these amazing pancakes, called banh xeo, from Hue, Vietnam. The rice flour makes a thick lacy pancake that is wrapped in chilled lettuce and stuffed with prawns, crisp beansprouts and fragrant herbs. Dip it in sharp Chilli Lime Dipping Sauce (nuoc cham) for a burst of freshness. You can use two frying pans at once if you want to speed up the process of cooking. These can also be served as a snack. Cut the folded pancake into triangles and serve on baby cos leaves with the herbs, prawns and chilli and lime dipping sauce.”


Overall Thoughts –  The combination of flavours and how vegetables are used in a different way to Western Culture is great to see.

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My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce (Murdoch Books. £18.99). Photography by Jean Cazals.
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