If dark comedic thrillers are your thing, then Stretch, which is released on DVD and Blu-Ray n 1st June 2015 and on Digital Download from 18th May 2015, is definitely the film for you.

Starring Patrick Wilson from The Conjouring and Watchmen, Jessica Alba from Fantastic Four and Sin City, Ed Helms from The Hangover and We’re The Millers, and James Badge Dale from 24 and World War Z, the all-star cast delivers a performance that is top class, led by director Joe Carnahan of The A Team and Smokin’ Aces fame.  

Kevin Stretch (Wilson) is a limo driver in the tough town of Hollywood, he has a dark past and it catches up with him when he has some debts that need paying fast, debts that are owing to gangster with a reputation.  To try to get the money owed paid as quick as possible, Stretch takes a job from an eccentric billionaire, thinking the quick job and the big bucks will serve his needs perfectly.  But everyone seems to be on the look out for something this unusual character has and it put Stretch right in the middle of it all! 

stretchThe night takes a turn for the worse as it escalates leading to a night filled with danger, wild misadventure and sex. Hilarity ensues with a dark edge as Patrick Wilson leads the all-star cast in a crazy night of insanity, that will make owing money to the mob seem a trifle in comparison.  

Stretch has been released courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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