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Having given you an overview of the game, we thought it would be nice to go into a little more detail about each of the five careers within Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward for the Nintendo 3DS.

Fashion Boutique

clothesThere are over a staggering 19,000 items to stock the shelves of your chic fashion boutique – dresses, skirts, shoes, boots, trousers, shorts, skirts, socks, tights, hats, jewellery, bags and coats to name a few.  

When you first take over the boutique you have a small amount of money and a selection of clothing.  It is up to you to fulfill customers orders, creating their perfect, high fashion, outfit of their dreams.  Once you have enough cash you can visit the Exhibition Hall where all of your favourite in game brands have shops for you to purchase new styles and designs to thrill your customers.

When a customer enters the shop you can talk to them just like you would anywhere in the game.  During the conversation they will let you know what they are after and you will either have free reign or three hints to help you put together the most incredible outfit they have ever seen.  Using the touch screen you scroll through the various items in stock and can put them together on a mannequin before presenting to your client.  

As well as dressing the customers you can decorate the shop and design the window area, the more eye catching the better as it will entice even more people to venture inside and check out your incredible boutique.

Hair Stylist

hairThe Hair Salon opens up another venue for you to influence the residents of Beaumonde City in their fashion choices.  Of course this will begin with a little chat where your client will give you everything you need to make sure they have the perfect cut.  The choices for hair styles range from short to long, straight to wavy and everything in between.  Once you have chosen the style you can then dye the clients hair and add funky highlights too.  The fun doesn’t stop there either, because one last decision is placed into your hands, whether or not a fringe should be included and its design.


Make-up Artist

make upBeing a make up artist lets you unleash yet more creativity on the city, including creating your very own make up sets as the game progresses.  Doing the make up of Beaumonde City’s residents is quite detailed, allowing you to chose style and colour for most selections according to your customers needs.  

The eyes need a fair bit of attention as you can change the eye colour, eyebrows, eye lashes, eyeshadow and eyeliner!  There are an infinite amount of ways you can style and colour the eyes, cheeks and lips to create the perfect look that your client wants.  Match their make up to their hair or make up, get the same look as a celebrity or friend or just change their look a little.



WVW69imuhF8Jce8mXoModelling is another avenue that you embark upon whilst playing.  Your success in the Boutique actually impacts this part of the game, as the more satisfied customers you have, the more tickets you will sell for the show.

Each show will have a theme and you get to design the outfits, hair and make-up for yourself and the other models in preparation.   Once enough tickets have sold you visit the arena and put on the best show of your life.  As your character saunters down the runway, you get to pick the poses and gestures they perform to please the crowd! 



WVW69inIDBIbBRtCStThe final career within the game is designing rooms for the Caprice Chalet.  Here you have complete control over how the room looks and what furniture you place in it, paint the wals, carpet the floor and chose the way the outside of the room looks.  Once you have picked out the basics it is time to furnish, design a bedroom, front room or dressing room, shop, salon or boutique, the choices are as endless as your imagination.

You can buy miniature furniture for your rooms from one of the shops in the City, but you will also be gifted some throughout your time in the City and you can use them all in your rooms, which people then might want to rent out form you!

Find out more about Nintendo and Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward on Nintendo’s website or purchase the game on Amazon


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