Suarez…..A Bit Much…..


A definition of Insanity is repeating the same act over and over and expecting different results. And seeing that this is the third occasion in which Luis Suarez as bitten another  professional footballer on the field of play.  There will be lots of questions asked about the what caused Suarez to do this again and what help could be given to him to prevent him from doing it for a fourth time. We may never know the answer to these questions.  What we will know sooner or later is what decision FIFA will take in regards to disciplinary action against the Uruguayan player.

This may be the third occasion that he has committed such a despicable act on the field of play,  however it is the first occasion he has done so on the international stage.  Rightfully so there is an argument being made that this is a completely separate stage in which the offence was committed and such be treated has such.  But in a society in which people are held accountable for their actions it will be hard to not take the other offenses into consideration when investigating.

There is a small corner of Liverpool fans trying to defend Suarez’s behaviour,  while he and his countrymen are trying to play to events down. Suggestions were made that this is the European media blowing everything out of proportion and even talk of some conspiracy against Suarez.  But if you remove the details and only focus on the facts how can someone defend an individual who bit a colleague in the play of work and this wasn’t an isolated case.  And if Fifa bring charges against him and should the evidence prove that he is guilty should fifa seek to evoke to maximum ban possible? That is up to them. What is for sure is he is proven guilty he must be prevented from playing any more games in this tournament as a minimum. Not to do so would add to the poor examples already set.

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