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Woof! I am Hendrix, the resident black Labrador at Erisea HQ and one of the K9 Korrespondents on the magazine, alongside Koro and we had better mention the Feline Faction James and Sarah! In the future we will be the ones telling you all about the things we love!  First up…

Barkbeats Box

_DSC9197Barkbeats is a subscription box with a difference, one for us four legged fluffy members of our families.  The box is full of treats and toys, information to whip my fellow pooches into a giddy frenzy as soon as the postman delivers it and let’s face it, we love that guy anyway!  I knew this parcel was for me the minute the postman delivered it! 

The boxes are specifically designed for either small, medium or large dogs, the choice is entirely yours and all costs are included in the price quoted on the website.  Not only that but the Barkbeats team also give to charity! 

What’s In The Box?

_DSC9289Each box contains a selection of 5-6 items tailored to whether we are small, medium or large dogs.  This is particularly important as I know a few tiny dogs who just couldn’t handle the treats and toys I can stuff in my mouth! 

This can include grooming products, toys, treats and even healthcare items.

How Often?

Monthly.  Every single month, well if the human in your life is okay with that of course! 

How Much?

It costs from £13.50 per month for a 12 month subscription, but there are other plans available, including Month-to-Month and a 6 Month plan.


The Barkbeats Team, (I love that name) give 10% of their profits to rescue homes and shelters across the UK.  A fantastic perk that lets you and I help less fortunate doggies! 

Our Box

In my box there were some really exciting items and I have to admit I was bouncing about before the parcel was opened.  

  • Karlie Aqua Sea Toy
  • Barks & Sparks Smoothie
  • GesundeHundekekse Treats
  • RAC Travel Water Bottle
  • WOOLF Snacks

I was thrilled to have a toy that I can finally take into the garden and to the beach to play with where there is water involved.  Normally I would need to leave my toys at home, but this wonderful neoprene toy floats and is perfect for playing with in the water.

I was slightly more than over the moon with the treats too! The GesundeHundekekse Treats (try saying that ten times fast while scoffing them) are made with normal kitchen ingredients, including potato flour (making them wheat free, a must for me as I have a terrible allergy to it) and parmesan cheese.  These delectable little bites had me drooling in no time, along with the Woolf Blueberry Strips! 

My sunny summer afternoons were complete when I saw the smoothie and the travel water bottle!  I do like going out for walks and running in the park, so both are a great way to cool down.  You do need to enlist your humans to help make the smoothie though.

_DSC9232Our Verdict

Wooftastc and tail waggingly good! I can’t fault it at all!

5 out of 5

Special Offer

Woof!  We have a very special discount code for you to use.  Just put BARKS5 in at the checkout and you can get your first box for just £9.90! 

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I am a big black Labrador, but don't let that fool you, I am a fun loving pup really! I enjoy long walks and fun in the park, eating is so much fun, especially tuna, I love tuna. I do adore my toys, I have a few favourites though, but top of the list is Mr Snake, I like to share my food with him, he is sort of a friend, rather than a toy!

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