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Woof!  I am back with another subscription box that is for us puppy dogs…and kitties too!  PawPost will deliver a selection of goodies that are specially selected by the barktastic PawPost team, just for us! 

What’s In The Box?

Each box is filled with 5-7 items that have been chosen by the team and will include treats, hygiene products ad of course, my favourite, toys!  The treats will be healthy for me and you, so there is no need to worry about piling on the pounds, those vets are always so concerned abut.  

As I said the box can be selected for either us dogs or those fluff balls called cats and they are even designed around the size.  You can get your human to subscribe for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and because they are so caring and we love them so much, (okay, cats because you want to reward them for their worship), the PawPost team will include a surprise or two for your human.

How Often?


How Much?

From £17.95 per month for a 12 month subscription.

Our Box

When the PawPost box arrived, before Mum had even shut the front door, I knew it was for me.  The excitement and anticipation as I waiting for her to try to get the box open was almost too much.  To be honest I nearly took off my tail was going so crazy.  

Inside the box I found:

  • Beautiful Joe’s Tin of Treats
  • Beco Aretha the Alligator
  • Tribal Apple, Mint & Ginger Treats
  • Rosewood Tough Twist Rubber & Rope Ball
  • Honey’s Guide to Raw Feeding Book

Our Verdict

I LOVE everything in this box.  The Tin of Treats are yummy, pieces of pure dried liver and are a special reward for me when I am extra good.  For some reason Mum went a little ga-ga over the tin that they come in, something about it being beautifully vintage or some such.  Back to the good stuff…there was also the Apple, Mint & Ginger treats which are gluten-free, so I was able to chomp a few, I do have to admit that although they taste delicious and would eat the whole pack in one go if I didn’t have the restraint of a saint, I think something fishy is going on as Mum keeps saying how nice my breath will smell now.  Parents and humans are very odd!  Oh and I also got a really fun ball to play with, I am not a bg ball fan but it bounces because of the rubber and theat makes it so much more interesting.

My favourite item was Aretha the Alligator, she is great fun and likes to play lots and lots.  She was also great to cuddle up to at nap time, although I have to admit I should have been a little more careful with her as her stitching came undone and she lots some of her fluffy insides, it was horrific and I don;t know if I will er get over the trauma.  I did enjoy our time together though! 

Oh an Mum got a book!  She said it is interesting and has lots of great information about how to keep me in tip top health with raw foods.

5 out of 5




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