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Pomora Box

This subscription box is unlike any other we have come across so far, you don;t simply get a box of stuff delivered to you door every month, you actually adopt an olive tree in Italy and then you are sent some of the finest olive oil, made from the tree you have adopted.  

As part of your initial delivery you also receive an adoption pack that contains lots of information about your tree.


What’s In The Box?

Pomora includes three 250ml tins of premium olive oil with each delivery:

  • Shipment 1: Olio Nuovo – The youngest, freshest olive oil, it’s bottled directly after harvest, olio nuovo is unfiltered, has a vibrant green colour, a distinct fresh flavour and a pizzicante finish. 
  • Shipment 2: Three flavoured oils – Lemon, Chilli, and Rosemary – Flavoured with locally-sourced ingredients by the olive producers, these are made with a milder extra virgin olive oil, which allows the flavours to shine through.
  • Shipment 3: Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Complex flavours intertwine and marry with a healthy finishing kick to produce a great base for vinaigrettes, focaccia or simply as a dip.
  • Shipment 4: Three flavoured oils – Basil, Garlic and White truffle.

How Often?


How Much?

It costs from £29 per quarter.


You support the community of olive tree farmers in Italy and receive high quality products. 

Our Box

SpringGroupWe were lucky enough to be sent two quarters worth of oil to get a real taste of how this unique subscription box works.  In our first box we received three 250ml cans of Olio Nuovo, the freshest olive oil, made just after harvest and our adoption pack.

We adopted tree number 307, which we have dubbed ‘Popeye’ who is located is Mascalucia and farmed by Carmelo.  Our adoption pack contain a small picture of our tree and lots of information about Carmelo, the harvesting and pressing process, as well as tasting tips and finally a couple of recipes to try our hand at.

Our second shipment included three 250ml cans of flavoured olive oil – lemon, rosemary and chilli.

Our Verdict

We love this subscription box.  It offers such an individual experience throughout the year.  We were also impressed by the cans, it some how feels more authentic than a cheap bottle.  The oils taste incredible, it definitely makes a difference to know where they oil comes from and that it is fresh, untainted.

Of course it is fun to have an adoptive tree which further supports the farmers and this adds a lovely touch to the overall package, especially if you are giving it as a gift! 



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