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Over the next few months, we at Erisea Magazine are going to be looking at the phenomenon that is subscription boxes.  In the past year it seems that everyone and his uncle has started to provide boxes of goodies via a monthly payment scheme much to everyone’s delight.  But what is the big fuss and where do you start when it seems that the market is saturated.  We decided to try as many as we could get our hands on and tell you exactly what you get and what we thought! 


Scruff Stuff is a subscription box for the men amongst us, most notably the bearded wonders.  Dubbed as premium beard care, the Scruff Stuff box consists of oils that will keep beards in tip top condition.

All oils are handmade by James – founder, owner, bearded fellow – and use only natural ingredients with bases of grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and vitamin E.

What’s In The Box?

beard-oil-all-2Each box will contain one 15 ml bottle of Scruff Stuff High Quality Premium Beard Oil.  There are a number of different scents for you to experience and you will get a different one each time.

How Often?

Monthly, although there is also an option to purchase one of bottles or even change the subscription to every two months.

beard oil pic 1How Much?

One off bottles will cost £7.95 plus shipping, but if you sign up to the subscription you will only pay £1 for your first bottle and then £6.95 each month.


Taking out a subscription will entitle you to free shipping.

Our Box

We were sent two bottle to see what we thought, Marshmallow and Into The Wild.

Marshmallow – a rather sweet citrus smelling oil that will have your mouthwatering when the aroma finds your nose.  It is not overpowering at all and settles nicely leaving a subtle, refreshing and fun scent on the beard.

Into The Wild – This is a much more manly man scent, deep rich, woody and earthy.  Immediately you smell the lime and the geranium, it s strong and spicy.

Our Verdict

We really liked the idea, having a few bearded blokes in Erisea HQ, of oils that will protect and enhance the glorious facial hair upon those faces.  The women definitely preferred the Marshmallow aroma and the men Into the Wild, so we think it depends on where you are going and what you are doing as to how you fragrance your beard.  

Our top tip is to use a little at a time as it goes a long way.  

5 out of 5




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