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Earlybird Taste Box

The creators of the Earlybird Taste Box are festival lovers who just couldn’t get enough of that feeling you have when you are surrounded by delicious food, great music and incredible art.  They therefore, put their heads together and thought of  way to incorporate everything they loved about festivals in a weekly box, food, music and art.

What’s In The Box?

Each box contains five yummy snacks, two teas or one dip and one tea, beautiful artwork and some new music. 

The Earlybird box has one snack for each day of the working week and they have been designed to keep your cravings at bay and excite your taste buds.  A leaflet is supplied that includes all the allergen and nutritional information that you need.

The box is decorated inside with artwork from an artist you may be yet to discover and links to artists/performers or even a music download are also part of the package that comes through your door! 

How Often?


How Much?

Your first box is just £1 and then after that it is £4.50 per box.


The Earlybird Taste Box also comes with a loyalty scheme that rewards people for regular purchases, giving you your 5th box for half price and your 10th box completely free.

Our Box

In our box we had five yummy snacks all packaged in little cellophane bags the perfect size for your handbag or lunch bx.  Our treats were Berry Berry Nice, Koh Tao, Milky Berry, Salt ‘n’ Pepa Cashews and Señor José.  We also had two teas included in our delivery, a lovely standard English Breakfast blend and and unique concoction of Mint & Lime.

Although we didn’t have any music links or downloads in our box, the Artwork was exceptionally pretty by artist Lumina Watanabe.

Our Verdict

The treats were all really spicy, not to everyone’s taste and the artwork, as beautiful as it was, was printed on the inside of the box, meaning the only option was to cut it out and keep it, a print might be more appealing.

We loved the overall idea of the box and how it was designed, a great way to add some variety to your daily snacking and get you interested in new artists and performers.

4 out of 5


Special Offer

We have a wonderful special offer for you today where you can nab yourself a FREE Earlybird Taste Box.  All you need to do is to pop along to and follow the sign up process which is quick and simple.  Then just enter the code below and you will be sent a FREE box!


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