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Most people are aware now that ‘What is put on your skin goes within’, at least 60 per cent of it according to scientists. If you’re in denial about this fact as you laden on a synthetically perfumed highly toxic cocktail of chemicals, just remember that Hormone Replacement Therapy is often administered in the form of a small 10p size of cream applied to the skin, and yet it changes a woman’s whole hormonal pattern!

So ‘Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat’ is my mantra and you can and should eat the world’s best kept beauty secret – coconut oil Its rich in lauric acid one of the main components of breast milk and is a wonderful functional food, but also is great for your skin.

Coconut Oil

I suggest keeping a jar of coconut oil (preferably raw organic cold pressed such as Tiana Raw extra virgin coconut oil) by the cooker and one in the bathroom. Coconut oil solidifies at high temperatures so looks a bit like white lard so keep a long handled teaspoon nearby. It can be used just like any other body lotion. Allow to ‘dry’ as you clean your teeth or whatever and you’re good to go. You can also add a teaspoon of it to your bathwater which makes the water silky and you’ll need less moisturiser after bathing. The effectiveness of Organic cold pressed coconut oil is based on the high concentration of antioxidants, nutritive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it contains. The antioxidants can prevent cell death which helps with anti-ageing and can help to regenerate and rehydrate your skin) There are naturally occurring antioxidants such as ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid which help prevent free radical damage to the skin and have anti-wrinkle properties so its protective against sun damage, if you’ve established a base tan use coconut oil for a long lasting tan. It’s pretty amazing when your skin moisturiser is both anti-ageing, a tan accelerator, and gives you protection from bacterial infections !

Coconut oil is also a fantastic deep hair conditioner, if you’re not planning a night of passion then lather your hair in coconut oil, wrap in a towel, while you’re at it lather your hands and feet and cover them with cotton gloves and socks, the next morning rinse it all off (you’ll need to give your hair a couple of washes with a 100 per cent natural shampoo) and everything will feel very soft and silky. Coconut oil works well as an after sun lotion, is brilliant for stretch marks and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Not all coconut oil is the same though, quality is paramount !GREEN-PEOPLE-SUN-LOTION

The absolute best is Tiana raw cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil from fresh mature coconuts.

Sun Protection

When it comes to sunshine my advice is get some! Don’t wear high factor SPFS throughout the year, we need our Vitamin D, but of course it’s not good to burn so opt for a natural sun cream from Green People, try the Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator which has a high percentage of organic ingredients

Natural Make-up



Once you have prepared your skin make sure you use only natural organic make-up. As a contact lens wearer I love NATorigin hypoallergenic powder eye shadows formulated with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, which are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife. They’re formulated for sensitive skin or allergies, the slight shimmer in the powder highlights the contours of the eye and there’s some great colours.





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